Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here I sit on a lovely Nebraska morning, less than an hour after leaving my Bubbs. 

 As I left the house this morning I grabbed a CD that I knew I burned, but wasn't sure what it was.  When I put it into the CD player I knew what CD it was immediately.  The first plinks of Eddie Vedder's "Longing to Belong" gave it away.  This was the CD I burned for Bubbs about 3 months ago.  I continued to drive to work and skip through a track or two, and while I'm headed up the ramp at Harrison "Invincible" by Crossfade queues up. 

 Next thing I know I'm smiling with tears streaming down my cheeks.  That's nothing like me.  I'm so in love and I am so thankful for that fact.  This is really what I've always been looking for. 
I love you Shannon!

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